About Us


CARE INTELLECT LLP is dedicated to combating counterfeiting and is equipped with a team of professionally trained, qualified and experienced proactive in house investigators who regularly keep watch on infringement of Intellectual Property Rights of our clients and informs the firm about availability and source of the goods and services which infringe the trademark, copyright, patents and designs of our clients and is actively engaged in anti-counterfeiting and brand protection activities. The investigation team is regularly engaged in market surveillance in addition to being watchful to help us to inform our clients about any violation of their Intellectual property rights. During investigation work our investigators do come across various counterfeit products for brands for which they inform us from time to time which helps us devise anti-counterfeiting special industry-wide solutions. Our firm does extensive anti-counterfeit actions for various businesses viz. cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, tyres industries, garments industries, electronics and auto parts, electrical appliances, food stuffs etc. which includes seizure of counterfeits through civil and criminal raids, lodging of FIRs against pirates and counterfeiters and their arrest, court injunctions and Anton Piller Actions.

Besides, trademarks, patents, designs, copyrights, trade names, geographical indications, foreign collaborations, licensing and franchising, assignments etc. and handle each and every area thereof including their registrations, oppositions, tracking of infringements and passing off, falsification, investigation etc. The firm deals in a broad range of issues and subjects and having wider applications.

The brilliant team at CARE INTELLECT LLP advises on wide array of matters including patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, geographical indication and trade secrets. Our focus is to make one’s legal actions pragmatic, prudent and cost efficient. We aim at providing guidance and advice which helps in avoiding protracted litigation and in making one’s legal actions pragmatic and suited to one’s needs. We are aware that substantial numbers of legal actions are initiated and continued due to lack of proper legal focus and guidance. We focus on efficient management of one’s legal affairs and we provide help in that. With our knowledge, experience and expertise, we help our clients in managing their legal affairs systematically and properly.

Organizations that value their intellectual property as a strategic and indispensable business asset choose CARE INTELLECT LLP for our depth and breadth of legal experience, technical backgrounds and understanding. With our vast expertise and experience we also help our clients in legal management of their legal actions at all stages viz. pre litigation, during litigation and post litigation stages. To our experience pre-litigation to-the-point, prompt and highly practical legal advice is more fruitful in comparison to that after initiation of litigation; though we do feel that legal advice during litigation is not less valuable but it is so only if one is destined to the same.

CARE INTELLECT LLP has considerable expertise in all areas of contentious and non-contentious IPR work, which it conducts for an impressive and expanding list of high-profile multinationals. We handle disputes for some major players in the pharmaceutical, software and electronics industries. The firm is regularly engaged in high-profile patent, trade mark and domain name disputes. Active on both the contentious and non-contentious side, our firm advises pharmaceutical, bio-tech, IT and telecoms clients across the gamut of IP matters including trademarks, copyright, designs and patents. At the cutting-edge of developments in the law, the firm has handled a number of firsts in the field of IPR. In particular, the firm has earned renown for its effective enforcement work and success in litigation and won plaudits for its dynamic and forward-thinking approach. In addition to India, our firm also handles IPR issues in neighboring Asian countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Myanmar.