About Us


CARE INTELLECT LLP is dedicated to delivering the highest quality legal services and support to our clients. We as a full-service firm offer a comprehensive array of IPR services, including searches, prosecution, licensing and litigation and focus on trademark, copyright, patent and design related litigation and advisory work. Our team conducts prosecution, searches and portfolio management on the non-contentious side, and litigation on the contentious side. The firm follow holistic and commercial stance on these matters including searches, commercial strategy and enforcement.


CARE INTELLECT LLP has a litigation practice with a proven record of successfully handling high-tech, high-stakes matters. Our trial skills are enriched by our broad and deep technical expertise - an expertise that sets us apart from general practice firms. CARE INTELLECT LLP recognizes that the only purpose of litigation is to achieve the client's specific business objectives. We prepare every case with those business objectives in mind. When we can best serve our clients by resolving disputes short of trial, we do so. Our litigation attorneys enforce and defend an array of intellectual property claims for clients, ranging from some of the world's largest corporations to individual inventors and innovators. Protecting valuable inventions in a highly competitive global environment has become increasingly challenging for multinational businesses.

Dedicated services in connection with:


Trademarks are among the most valuable intellectual property assets for traditional, brand-driven, consumer product companies and technology businesses alike.



We are experts in copyright analysis and registration, and one thing that makes our group distinct is that we work with copyrights in action – in other words, we know how real-world transactions work.



The firm deals extensively with Patent laws in India. Our law firm provides assistance to domestic as well as foreign clients in conducting patent search, assisting in filing patent application.



The firm offers comprehensive services on ‘Designs’. The Designs Act 2000 defines designs to mean the features of shape, configuration, pattern, ornament, or composition of lines.


Agreement Drafting: Patents, Designs, Copyrights and Trademarks

Agreements affecting intellectual property assets are critical to the underlying value of those assets.


Intellectual Property (IP) Management

We also assist companies in IP management and conduct IP due diligence and audits. The services provided by us in the field of IP Management are: