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Trademarks are among the most valuable intellectual property assets for traditional, brand-driven, consumer product companies and technology businesses alike. With the globalization of potential markets and the continued expansion of the Internet marketplace, more and more businesses recognize that their corporate and product names, logos and slogans are essential for communicating product value, establishing a solid reputation and building brand loyalty in each of their key business jurisdictions. We handle all aspects of trademark practice from conducting trademark searches to filing application for registration of trademark, drafting and filing reply to objections and representing our clients at hearings. We assist clients in registration of Trade Marks and Service Marks. We have a great deal of experience working with the Trademark

Examiners at the Controller General of Patents, Design and Trade Marks, India. Our law firm routinely advises large and small businesses, corporate, firms and individuals in a wide variety of industries on the maximization of their current trademark portfolios and selection of new marks for products and services including trade dress. In addition, our law firm conducts international trademark searches and coordinate worldwide trademark availability opinions for clients seeking to adopt new marks. Our trade mark attorneys have a great deal of experience in representing clients in all types of trademark disputes including domain names. Our trade mark attorneys have expertise in drafting agreements for trade mark licensing, assignment and sale and purchase, technology transfer, valuation of intellectual property of the client etc. Our law firm deals in litigation pertaining to trade mark infringement and passing off.

  • Initial Searching.
  • Registration of Trade Marks
  • Oppositions and Cancellation actions.
  • Renewals
  • License assignments.
  • Customs and Counterfeit.
  • Investigations
  • Criminal Raids
  • Filing and prosecuting trademark and service mark applications.
  • Trademark registrations internationally with the cooperation of our foreign associates.
  • Trademark searches and brand selection advice.
  • Infringement and validity opinion.
  • Litigation: opposition, rectification, appeals, criminal and civil suits for infringement and passing off.
  • Assignment, Licensing and franchising.
  • Anti counterfeit action
  • Registration, maintenance, and renewal of trademarks in the United States and worldwide
  • Preparation, filing, and prosecution of new trademark applications and responses to Office actions
  • Trademark docketing.
  • Trademark clearance searches and opinions.
  • Trademark portfolio audits and strategic counselling.
  • Trademark analysis for mergers & acquisitions
  • Licensing agreements and trademark due diligence.
  • Investigations related to the trademark rights of others
  • Trademark oppositions and cancellations before the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB).
  • Anti counterfeiting investigations and related litigation.
  • Registration of trademarks with customs in India.