Agreements affecting intellectual property assets are critical to the underlying value of those assets. Great intellectual property can be diminished through agreements of poor quality. Likewise, the relative value of any intellectual property can be enhanced through thoughtful and effective agreements.

Care Intellect LLP licensing practitioners routinely handle different types of intellectual property licensing and technology agreements for organizations ranging from start-ups to technology transfer offices to multinational corporations. Our licensing professionals provide world-class strategic assistance with licensing and technology agreements via a unique combination of skill sets: a deep understanding of the underlying technology, significant business acumen, and a thorough understanding of the applicable legal principles. The combination of these legal and practical skill sets allows Care Intellect LLP licensing professionals to be a valued part of your efforts to protect and commercialize your intellectual property.

We offer clients an extensive background in all forms of intellectual property transactions. We draft agreements for licensing, franchising, assignment, sale and purchase of all various kinds of intellectual property including trademarks, patents, copyrights and designs. The firm’s practice offers expert advice on contractual matters related to:

  • (a) Patents
    • Assignment Agreement
    • Exclusive License Agreement
    • Non-Exclusive license Agreement
    • Confidentiality Agreements
    • Technology Transfer Agreements
  • (b) Design
    • Assignment Agreement
    • Exclusive License Agreement
    • Non-Exclusive license Agreement
    • Confidentiality Agreements
  • (c) Copyright
    • Assignment Agreement for Literary Works
    • Assignment Agreement for Sound Recordings.
    • Assignment Agreement for Mobile/Digital Rights.
    • Assignment Agreement for Publication Rights
    • Assignment Agreement for Film Rights.
    • Assignment Agreement for Broadcasting Rights.
    • License Agreement for Publication of Literary Works.
    • License Agreements for Sound Recordings.
    • License Agreements for Broadcasting.
    • License Agreements for Digital and Mobile Sound and Visual Clippings.
  • (d) Trademarks
    • Assignment Agreement (with or without good will).
    • Franchise Agreement.
    • Registered User Agreements.
    • Distribution Agreements.
  • (e)Others Agreements
    • Software Development Agreement.
    • Joint Venture Agreement.
    • Collaboration Agreement.
    • Endorsement Agreements for Artists.
    • Confidentiality Agreement.
    • Employment and Non-disclosure Agreement.


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