Care Intellect LLP is dedicated to combating counterfeiting and is equipped with a team of legal professionals who are experienced in infringement of Intellectual Property Rights of their clients. The investigation team is regularly engaged in market surveillance in addition to being watchful to help us to inform our clients about any violation of their Intellectual property rights.


Care Intellect LLP practices litigation with a proven record of successfully handling high-tech, high-stakes matters. Our trial skills are enriched by our deep and broad range of technical expertise that sets us apart from the general practice firms. Whenever required, we also best serve our clients by resolving disputes short of trial.


Trademarks are amongst the most valuable intellectual property assets for traditional, brand-driven, consumer product companies and technology businesses alike. With the globalization of potential markets and the continued expansion of the Internet marketplace, more and more businesses recognize that their corporate and product names, logos and slogans are essential for communicating product value, establishing a solid reputation and building brand loyalty in each of their key business jurisdictions.


Care Intellect LLP houses a team of experts in copyrights analysis and registration. One thing that makes our group distinct is that we work with copyrights in action – in other words, we know how real-world transactions work. We counsel our clients in a wide range of matters, LLP including copyrights registration and enforcement, and copyrights licenses and agreements.


Care Intellect LLP deals extensively with Patents laws in India. We provide assistance to domestic as well as foreign clients in conducting patents search, assisting in filing patents application (new application / PCT application / divisional application) and provide full assistance for grant of patents in India.


Care Intellect LLP offers comprehensive services on ‘Designs’. The Designs Act 2000 defines designs to mean the features of shape, configuration, pattern, ornament, or composition of lines or colours applied to any article, whether in two or three dimensional, or in both forms, by any industrial process or means, whether manual or mechanical or chemical, separate or combined, which in the finished article appeal to and are judged solely by the eye..


Agreements affecting intellectual property assets are critical to the underlying value of those assets. Great intellectual property can be diminished through agreements of poor quality. Likewise, the relative value of any intellectual property can be enhanced through thoughtful and effective agreements.


The Firm has expertise in handling issues and work towards the proper implementation of laws, integral for an effective operation of any organization. The Firm advises its multitude of clients on matters relating to Anti-Trust & Competition, Securitization & Reconstruction of Financial Assets, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Laws, Dishonour of Cheque, Mergers & Acquisitions, White Collar Crime etc.


The Firm having an experience of over a decade, advises and consults clients on both adjudicative and consensual processes of Dispute Resolution. The team has a representational standing when it comes to handling matters related to arbitration, mediation, negotiation and conciliation.


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